My Approach

How I Meet You Where You Are + The Path Forward

My approach to psychotherapy is integrative and draws from the lineages of depth psychotherapy, body-based trauma relief practices, existential and psychodynamic approaches, and emotionally-focused relational therapy. After years of practice, I know that the best therapeutic approaches are those that are crafted with the unique needs of each individual in mind. In our therapeutic relationship, I will meet you with authentic presence; skillful and practical interventions; and unconditional nonjudgmental positive regard. 

Water Ripple

Individual Psychotherapy

What are the conditions that allow for growth, resilience, and healing to occur? I believe these transformations happen in relationship. And, we know the quality of the therapeutic relationship is a key factor in successful outcomes. Our work in individual therapy will be to create a safe rapport to help you navigate stress, uncertainty, anxiety, and life transitions.  Clients come to me to learn practical tools to manage anxiety; develop a more conscious relationship between mind and body; connect with their meaning and purpose, to name a few. If these words speak to you, let's set up a free consultation to see if my approach will best meet you where you are... and where you are hoping to get to. 

Weaving by Hand

Couples + Relationship Counseling

Relationships of all kinds can be the source of joy and pain. Sometimes the relationship has a great foundation of love and respect, but the communication (or lack thereof) is holding you back from feeling a better connection. Maybe you are having the same argument over and over; perhaps you even forgot what you are arguing about, but you know the moves so well they've become automatic. My approach to relationship work looks at the core longing we have in our intimate connections as being the very dance that plays out in our relational habits. I will help you and your partner learn to identify--and shift--these patterns and create new channels of connection.

Fern leaf

Somatic Experiencing

In any given moment your body is sending a host of cues and sensations to help you navigate your world. From the ways in which you experience and are beseeched by stress to your capacity for ease and enjoyment, your body and nervous system are part of the equation. We could say they're central characters in directing your emotions, mood, behaviors, thoughts, and sense of connection to the world around you. My work is informed by this cutting edge approach to helping you release patterns that inhibit your sense of ease and wellbeing with authentic presence, skillfulness, and ease.

Wild Nature

Dream Tending

What might you learn if you knew the language of your dreams? Whether you have recurrent dreams, nightmarish images that linger in your waking moments, or slivers of dream scenes that seduce your curiosity, the dreaming psyche awaits you. Let's explore how dreams (and waking) images can help access your creativity, your sense of empowerment and agency, or your confidence in navigating life questions and transitions.


"Between stimulus and response there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom."
-Viktor Frankl